High Quality Cowhide Rug Gallery

The eCowhides Gallery is the place to find pictures of all of our famous cowhide rugs, cow hide pillows, furniture and other upholstered products mainly sent from hides received from our clients, but also resources to better understand how you can fit a cowhide in your decor.

Natural, Zebra, White, Black and White and More

Take a few minutes to look through the gallery at our natural cowhide rug pictures, cowhide pillow pictures, and cowhide furniture pictures to get a better idea of the rustic charm, and warm beauty that these decorative pieces can add to any home, office or business. All of our products are made from 100% grade A, authentic cow and calf hides, including our animal print and metallic finish rugs. We're confident that after seeing pictures of our attractive, durable, and unique products, you'll want to see the real articles too.